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Emmanuel Adero, a photographer based in Springfield, MA. I cut my teeth shooting dance, before moving toward figure photography with fine art leanings. My objectives in figure photography are to capture the endlessly spellbinding interplay between light, shadow, form, and shape, to pay homage to the structure and functions of the wonderfully complex machine that is the human body, and to demonstrate the power and dignity embodied within each of us. Any opportunity to meld other artistic mediums—including performance art and origami—with figure photography is a bonus.

I also love shooting still life (including pocket-sized superheroes, the aforementioned origami, and generally any interesting-looking inanimate object), and landscapes (because who doesn’t?!), be they natural or the built environment. Ultimately, however, whether it’s bursting with lightning, wrapped in clouds, adorned with stars, planets, and galaxies, or just being blue, the sky is my favorite subject of all.

If you’re a model/figure artist who would like to collaborate—or if you’re the sky and you think it’s been too long since I shot you—drop me a line at emmanuel[at]aderophotography.com.

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